In The Junk Folder? Get Out With An Email Deliverability Audit

This is a list of real email addresses at different email hosts that you use to check your email deliverability rate. This way, you’ll know which email clients accept your campaign and which have more sensitive spam filters. Furthermore, you’ll get insight into how your email campaign renders in different email hosts. Some email deliverability test tools keep their own seed list for your use.Constant Contact invites you to save a seed list of your own for email deliverability test purposes. Folderly is an AI-based email deliverability management platform. It helps you to increase the open and click-through rate and make sure that your email lands in the customer inbox.

The ‘winner’ is the highest performing email, picked on a range of engagement metrics. An email bounce rate reflects when an email is not being sent to the recipient due to problems with the email service provider. The engagement level of your email campaigns plays a role in your reputation as well. ISPs want to see proof that the messages you send are enjoyed by the people receiving them. Other custom blacklists have longer bans and ISPs check them as one of the ways to find unwanted senders.

Validity is the most trusted name in customer data quality. With Validity, these organizations make better decisions that drive more leads, close more deals and confidently plan for continued growth. Simplify data management with solutions that improve data quality and increase CRM adoption. Ensure high-quality data for a better ROI from sales, marketing, and service. You can proactively test your email in Content Detective to simulate content filters that would trigger in real sends. If the amount of complaints exceeds a certain threshold, this can result in a ban.

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Maybe you’ve already detected an issue and want to improve email deliverability. Maybe you’re just eager to be on the safe side when launching campaigns. Either way, check out some common sender traps and ways to avoid them. When it comes to test messages, spam firewalls at companies can be particularly strict. A test email sent to multiple addresses simultaneously within a corporation can be flagged as spam.

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A well-planned split test increases the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. By using controlled tests, you will figure out which content and visual arrangements work best for your target groups. This is what inboxes use to determine what happens to your email. Your open rate and click through rate impact your sender reputation, but your IP reputation and domain reputation are also crucial.

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Consequently, your results could potentially be biased and give you a false overview of the condition of your email deliverability. You’d be giving signals to the ISP that these messages are important to you. There are both pros and cons of using these types of tools. Get this free template to help you win approval for proposed projects and campaigns. To build an effective page from scratch, you need to begin with the psychology of your customer.

To answer that, you need to understand the full journey of an email. Use an email verifier to check email addresses and ensure that they are valid. This will maintain list hygiene and also lower bounce rates. Experts say sending email to new sign-ups always carries an elevated risk of triggering spam filters, due to the unproven nature of the new email address. For this reason, it’s very important to stay current with your welcome campaigns. The risk of triggering spam filters is compounded if you ever find that you have a backlog of new email sign-ups.

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The average email deliverability was 79.6% in February 2020 according to EmailToolTester. Going by that statistic, anything over 80% should be regarded as a good email deliverability rate. If you’re just getting started when it comes to controlling and improving your deliverability, start from the basics & read this ultimate guide on email deliverability. Basic plans on the platform are available for free, which allows customers to check the functionality before making any sort of investment. From the data results, you can then assess if your domain has all the required authentication requirements and see how they are configured. Authentications that are not up to standard can then be configured properly to improve your ratings.

Depends on factors like the size of your team and the issues found. Smaller teams can go over the email deliverability audit process quicker in a couple of days. Larger sales and marketing teams may need a couple of weeks to solve more difficult issues. For over 20 years, Tunc has worked in general management roles in sales, channel/alliance management, and client services. He has extensive experience leading and mentoring sales teams and executing strategic business plans within the Cloud/SaaS, digital, big data and the ad-tech space.

If you have the option to use your own E-mail addresses in an automated seeding process, it even becomes possible to fake a certain user engagement per mailbox for analytical purposes. Note, however, that faking things is expensive and not “smart” per se. It’s an obligatory exercise to find out which seeds are important to your email marketing strategy. This information can be found by simply analysing your database to see the domain distribution of your database. This way, the campaign volume covers up for the negative effects of testing. The other, various seed addresses have no other purpose but to show you where your email has landed, which is only moderately interesting for senders with organically grown data.