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Avast Secure browser is a safety-focused web browser with additional security and privacy features. These features include automatic detection and removal pop-up ads, spyware, and other malware, and an integrated VPN service. If you do not want these extra features, you can uninstall the secure version of avast to stop the software from running on your device at startup.

You can uninstall avast Security Browser in Windows through the Apps and Features section of your Settings app. You can also find it on the list by pressing Windows + X or opening the Start Menu and then selecting “Programs & Features.” Click on Avast Secure browser and then click Uninstall. You’ll be prompted to erase browsing data too.

You can also change the way the browser is launched automatically on macOS. To do this, you have to remove its permissions from System Preferences. Once you’ve completed this you can remove Avast’s safe browser by removing it from the Applications folder.

You can also utilize a third party uninstaller such as IObit’s Uninstaller and CCleaner to ensure that no leftovers of Avast Secure Browser remain on your computer. These tools can help you get rid of all unwanted programs that are installed on your computer and clean up the registry entries and files left behind. For more information on how to use these tools, visit our article on how to remove programs on Macs. Mac.