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The post talks about his famous skyscraper technique, and it’s brutally honest, analytical, and has actionable tips that content developers could use to increase their content’s search traffic. The post discusses how you can build cornerstone content, indispensable foundational content that’s informative, and the strategies you could use to make it rank well in search engines. For instance, if a new social media platform or content format begins trending, it wouldn’t be wise to apply it to your brand.

When you’re feeling curious, you can peruse through their extensive list of blogs, but when you need to see what other marketers value, you have their Top Articles section. Every marketer, no matter the expertise, needs access to SEO-related trends. They reflect customer behavior and preferences, and they dictate your entire marketing output. Search Engine Land is definitely one of the best marketing news sources with ready-to-use tips.

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Razor Social – Provides independent advice on the latest in social media tools and social media technology. Since Google Analytics is such an important tool in determining your website’s major points of improvement, Occam’s Razor is an invaluable asset for any marketer. With a once-weekly read, you’ll discover new ways to use Analytics data to improve your results and drive digital revenue. Glen takes an objective approach to SEO, preferring to focus on what works instead of what the industry says works. If you’re the type of marketer that prefers results-driven data to speculation and direct response to branding, you’ll find a lot of value in ViperChill. Although it’s recently branched out into on-page SEO, Backlinko started its life as a blog 100% focused on backlink building.

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According to Moz’s search behavior stats, SEO has 20x more traffic opportunities than PPC on mobile and desktop. So, when you’re creating lead generation content, you need to optimize it for Google and your audience. With the vast majority of customers favoring voice queries over typing, marketers are taking notice. Your content needs to be optimized to reach people conducting voice searches. Besides, producing and editing quality videos today is far more affordable and easy to master. Even if you’d like to learn marketing in home conditions, all you need is a good phone camera, a tool like DaVinci Resolve, and you’re in business.

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Access comprehensive sales and marketing tools to boost your business. We show you decision-making using HTA and the difference between health economics and HTA. During an evaluation, you obtain evidence-based information through ‘cost-effectiveness analysis’ or ‘cost-benefit analysis’ to improve decision-making in allocating scarce healthcare resources. You will learn about economic evaluation, its types, importance and equity in economic evaluation. We regard health insurance as a contract that demands an insurer to pay partly or entirely a person’s healthcare cost in exchange for a premium. In this course, we will explain health insurance and its terminologies.

Social Media Impact – Aimed at anyone interested in social media. Featuring original content, product reviews and tips, as well as curated articles from other top social media websites. SEO and viral marketing master Glen Allsopp is an expert at cutting through marketing industry hype and delivering insightful, helpful content. ViperChill, his blog, is packed with long, detailed posts that are almost 100% fluff free.

Most people in the marketing and advertising industry know Neil Patel. His team offers digital marketing services to individuals, businesses, and enterprises. Neil also provides training and support and has multiple free courses on YouTube.

With 90% of Canny’s leads currently coming from our inbound website and blog traffic, I’m particularly interested in his LinkedIn and outreach type posts. If you’ve spent any time at all in the online marketing world, you’ll have come across Hubspot. At Canny, we’re always reading up on marketing ideas and advice, and wanted to share our favourite sites with you. A victim of its own success, Zoom created a campaign ‘More than Meetings’ which showed the scope of the platform for use in work. Zoom also uses content creatively across social media channels and launched the ‘Virtual Background Contest’ on social selecting winners each month at the height of the pandemic in 2020.

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Don’t forget to add MerlinOne’s blog to your must-read list for more brand management, marketing, and digital asset management tips and resources. Business consulting company, Big Red Rooster, has a sleek branding blog that regularly posts the hottest happenings in the marketing world. Though it does an impressive job of reporting, the design insights, in particular, are something that readers continually come back for. For even more useful info, be sure to check out the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. Almost 75% of the B2B Tech companies use Social Media Marketing.

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The primary aim of the business is to simplify data for eCommerce agencies and online store owners so that they can take action to boost their eCommerce sales. The blog consists of various marketing articles along with content in video or podcast form. A notable feature of Neil Patel’s blog is its website analyzing tool. Users may simply type in their own websites, and it can be automatically analyzed for optimization.