5 Basic Marketing Concepts Explained With Examples

Include testimonial tweets from your followers or link to articles about your product for an extra bit of added persuasive power. Make new industry connections and get your brand’s name out there alongside other forward thinkers and innovators. Just because you’re limited to 280 characters doesn’t mean your creativity needs to be limited as well. Create a funny or clever explainer video all about who your brand is and what you do. Launch it on YouTube, and perhaps the algorithm will help you get the viral party started.


Word-of-mouth marketing is the oral or written advocacy of a good or service from a satisfied customer to a prospective customer. It’s widely considered to be the most effective form of promotion. Contextual marketing is a strategy that’s guided by the behaviors and conditions surrounding your marketing efforts so all content is relevant to the person receiving it. Promotion involves confirming your advertisements are seen in the right places by the right people. You’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of advertising from your brand’s end, as well as to keep up with which advertising strategies are trending. Advertising on Facebook is certainly a great place to focus your promotion efforts.

They often do this with blog content creation, paid social, book marketing, and even eBooks. To survive the challenges of online marketing, brands need to stay in step with the latest trends, and that’s where marketers come in. Marketing in today’s world is still considered merely advertising . From choosing what to https://www.internet-radio.com/player/?mount= sell and to whom to sell it through to deciding how to promote it, Marketing encompasses multiple steps culminating in the final delivery of a product or service. The last strategy in our marketing 101 guide is content marketing. Content marketing involves creating informative content that answers users’ questions and provides them with solutions to their problems and pain points.

But at the end of the day, the job is about connecting with people in a human way and strengthening relationships. Marketing is about cultivating meaningful relationships with customers. When it comes to marketing analytics, you need to ask good questions. Whether is a new project, client or trend, the best marketers adapt and evolve.

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Whether it’s a print ad design, mass customization, or a social media campaign, a marketing asset can be judged based on how effectively it communicates a company’s core value proposition. In short, marketing management is the process of planning, executing, and tracking the marketing strategy of an organization. This includes the marketing plan, campaigns and tactics used to create and meet the demand of target customers to drive profitability. Content marketing seeks to create and share online material, such as blogs, social media posts or videos. Its strategy is to stimulate interest in specific products or brands without directly promoting any brand.

Marketing Manager

Marketing is a business practice that involves identifying, predicting and meeting customer needs. Effective marketing strategies help businesses isolate how best to serve their client base, while maximizing revenue at the same time. In business-to-consumer marketing, marketing efforts are directed toward consumers. In business-to-business marketing, marketing efforts are directed toward other businesses. Having an in-house marketing team that constantly innovates and works on new e-commerce marketing ideas from experiential learning is another way to boost your sales, reach, and conversions.


Knowledge bases are so popular that they don’t need a special introduction. A knowledge base is a place where we aim to maximize product adoption as other companies do. All these are examples of product marketing done within a community.

Achieving Product

That’s because these are seven key areas that group all marketing management activities. Handling all these seven areas can be overwhelming, that’s why it’s suggested to use project management tools for marketing. Scarcity marketing exploits a customer’s fear of missing out on something that is trending. Scarcity methods sometimes involve making products available to a select group of individuals to increase the desire of purchasing the item.

Learning to delegate them to the right people is going to make your life easier. Think about all those meetings where CEOs and company owners shoot down any marketing idea that sounds risky or simply different. Linkedin found that around 8% of all marketers on the platform have storytelling in their list of skills on their profile.

What Is A Marketing Strategy?

As the term suggests, marketing myopia is a lack of marketing foresight. The term “marketing myopia” was first coined by Theodor Levitt in a 1960 Harvard Business Review marketing paper. First impressions count and a solid onboarding process ensure everyone gets off to a good start and has everything they need to rinse all the value out of your product.

For example, in the 1800s Singer and National Cash Register adopted strategies rooted in sales, so they operated in the selling era forty years before it existed. Recently, many considered automobile manufacturers to be in the trouble they were in because they work too hard to sell or push product and not hard enough on delivering value. This was a bit of a trick question, as the marketing was the entire process. Let’s say a business is rolling out a brand new product and wants to create a campaign promoting that product to its customer base. This company’s channels of choice are Facebook, Instagram, Google, and its company website. It uses all of these spaces to support its various campaigns every quarter and generate leads through those campaigns.

Take account of the channels your customers use most frequently and how they respond to brand communication sent via them. Finally, many customers are ready to give their feedback to contribute to enhancing the services and products you offer. Statistics suggest that customers are willing to spend a little extra for purchasing the same brand offerings if they can get better services. Likewise, some customers prefer to get personalized product recommendations in their inboxes every month or quarter. When it comes to ecommerce marketing via content, every customer is perceptive.

This strategy really stands out because of the consistent tone of voice and values visible in every piece of marketing, every web page, and every interaction with the brand. The quirky and humorous voice is highly memorable and matches the values of transparency, sustainability, and comfort. Selling coffee certainly doesn’t sound like a unique endeavor, but Starbucks’ marketing team worked hard to create an experience that wasn’t just about the coffee.