25 Top Inbound Marketing Blogs To Follow In 2022

We are happy to accept guest writers and if you’re interested in guest blogging for us, please submit your topic here. We pride ourselves on research and are experts in post-click landing pages, conversion optimization, and the rest of the categories listed above . You can navigate the categories, but we also have a search bar where you can browse based on keyword phrases. Blog articles also examine large companies or people using social and break down what they are doing well .

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When your office isn’t inspiring enough, this is the place to draw from others. If you’re looking to rid yourself of spreadsheets, Marketing.AI wants to provide the alternative. This blog’s software-driven approach addresses complex situations in content-ready organizations. HiP’s writers are specialists in lead and demand generation from content.

Every page on my blog includes this same helpful navigation information‚ with the top menu linking to my best content, my guide to starting a blog, my about page, contact page and my blog roll. At the bottom, I give even more specific directions with recent blog posts and podcasts, my most popular posts, and links to pages about working with me. On TikTok, you’ll notice that celebrities create short videos that are funny, silly and relevant to cultural events going on right now.

Authored by Shane Melaugh, Active Growth is full of insights that will help you scale your info product business quickly. I couldn’t think of anyone but Anastasia of Anastasiablogger when it comes to whom to learn Pinterest strategies from. Now run by Adobe, CMO is a powerful blog that addresses complex marketing experiences.

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Insightful advice on how to get started with consumer surveys for all devices and how to collect data from your customers to drive higher open and engagement rates. If you want to get started with video creation and video marketing then the Wistia blog is a good place to start, also offering a number of technical know-how videos you’ll love. But GrowthHackers is one of the best marketing websites to follow, providing great content on every aspect of growth marketing.

On this platform, you’ll find some of the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and transparent articles on subjects like business blogging, WordPress, SEO, social media, and affiliate marketing. When it comes to social media marketing, Agorapulse is a great resource. The full blog section is filled with insightful resources around social media marketing and how you can grow your social media accounts and your revenue with the help of social media platforms. Along with that the topic also talks about so many other topics like how-to guides and so on. You can also check out JohnfDoherty.com which is also one of the top digital marketing blogs out there.

Using a customer experience map, you will know how they feel at each point of contact with your company. This will enable your team to work on common issues and build unforgettable moments. The design of the customer experience is key to the management of service since it will allow us to know what customers feel, what they expect, and what motivates them to buy.

marketing blogs

You should follow Econsultancy for practical advice on improving your digital marketing strategies. You’ll learn about every aspect of marketing and also delve deep into industry-specific strategies and trends. These publications share up-to-date content on emerging trends and new marketing tips, techniques, and perspectives. Marketing professionals can incorporate these ideas in their digital marketing campaigns to enhance their online marketing efforts. However, the digital marketing space is evolving, with new trends emerging constantly.

Social media blogs are no exception if you want to keep an eye on new social media trends, educate yourself on new strategies, and continuously discover the best social media marketing tools. A content marketing strategy gives content development a defined direction–a purpose. I love this blog marketing strategy so much, because it’s another example of a win-win-win where everyone gets something of value out of the equation. This practice makes it a lot easier for people to decide whether or not an article answers their questions.

Follow The Best Marketing Blogs And From The Pro Marketers

As the name implies, DIY Digital Strategy is “the advertising blog for the do-it-yourself marketer”. It was founded by Ben Lund with the goal of empowering self-taught marketers to flourish in their fields. Their goal is to guide clients into making the smartest decision for their businesses. Eric Schwartzman is a digital transformation advisor with an extensive marketing experience under his belt.

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The blog also shows how to navigate social media marketing as a newbie, with useful tips on what elements pop to a specific target audience http://africafe.com/__media__/js/netsoltrademark.php?d=https://www.baddonkeysocial.com/. Another thing they heavily emphasize is the importance of ad targeting. Recently, they posted an article on how to get leverage on Facebook’s recent retargeting initiative. Another well-known SEO company that also happens to have a fantastic blog. Ahrefs have a fantastic toolkit that is essential for anyone serious about SEO.

From a leading email marketing expert, Ben Settle’s blogis full of strong, sharp advice for email marketers looking to up their game. As one of the best and most practical resources for email marketing, the Mailbakery provides original solutions for your business, focusing on the various forms of email content creation. We cover everything from email tracking to newsletter ideas and effective tips to increasing your newsletter signup rate and from beginners’ guides and tips to advanced techniques.